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The quantity of galleries and museums in the Azumino valley is astoundingly impressive, but the quality and diversity of work showed makes the Azumino Art line a unique treasure. Many artists, like Chihiro Iwasaki, hold Azumino as a spiritual retreat, a place where divides between art and nature or artist and environment are blurry at best.

Alps surrounding Azumino are awe inspiring, but the presence of the countless galleries, museums, and cafes gives Azumiono an encompassing sense of place.In addition to the various art/nature parks and environmental museums there are galleries, cafes, and museums dedicated to contemporary art, painting, glass work, photography, sculpture, illustration, children’s picture books, local tensan silk work, and Japanese laquerwear.

Ogiwara Rokuzan, Setsuro Urushi, Emile Galle, Jean Jansem and Chihiro Iwasaki are just a few of the internationally renowned Japanese and International artists displayed in the valley.

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