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Japanese Hot Springs

An Introduction

The Azumino area offers a variety of great hot springs. Have you experienced this unique part of Japanese culture? Do you know the part about leaving your swim trunks at home?

I still remember my first hot spring experience in Japan. The family I was staying with proposed a dip in the local hot spring before dinner. I had heard a little bit about Japanese hot springs, and I was pretty apprehensive about dropping my drawers in front of a group of complete strangers, but I couldn’t refuse their kind offer. So, I quickly found myself in the changing room, with nothing but a hand towel providing me with a sliver of dignity. I mustered my courage and entered the unknown world of a Japanese hot spring . . .

And I am here to tell you now that it didn’t take long for me to discover why hot springs are so popular in Japan. It truly is an excellent way to relax and unwind, as well as being a quintessential Japanese cultural experience.

If you still want to know more about visiting a Japanese hot spring, check out this link for more information. While visiting a hot spring for the first time in Japan can be intimidating, it is an experience which you will never forget.

Japanese Hot Spring: The Do’s & Don’ts

Azumino Hot Springs