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Specialties Area Name Prices Address Phone
C/Card Hours Closed
Hotaka Soba Dokoro Kamijo
(そば処 上條)
¥¥ 5256-1 Hotaka 0263-82-4411
X 11:00-15:00 Mon (excep Nat. Hol. closed Tues)
If you want to try soba noodles for lunch in Azumino, Soba Dokoro Kamijo is one choice. It's just a 10-minute walk from Hotaka Station and it's close to the Rokuzan Museum. It's popular among Japanese tourists and crowded in the peak season, but not many local people frequent the restaurant. The cook was a chef at a French restaurant so the restaurant's exterior and interior reflect this style. The cook is also a photographer and essayist. You can see his works in the restaurant. The soba menu is also a work of art. The mori-soba is only traditional soba menu. Oshibori-soba and onioroshi-soba are made very spicy with Chinese radish. Prices start at 840 yen for soba and 680 yen for tasty ramen noodles. [Andy April 2009]
Sushi Toyoshina Acchan
¥¥ 131-1 Toyoshina Minami-hotaka 0263-71-3220
X? 11:00-23:00 Open 365
Acchan is a Nagano chain of kaiten (conveyor-belt) sushi restaurants that has gained a strong following amongst those who enjoy fresh sushi at an affordable price. One of Acchan's restaurants can be found in Azumino just next to the Toyoshina IC, and represents a great place to eat alone or with friends in a style that is often seen as a novelty outside of Japan. Visitors are invited to sit down at either the counter or at a table and watch as a long line of sushi plates slowly make their way around the restaurant's conveyor-belt. If nothing appetising comes by, customers are welcome to order plates directly from one of the cheerful chefs who work on the otherside of the counter. Once you are done, call the waiter to your seat and they will count-up your plates and give you the bill. Great food and friendly service makes Acchan's the best places in town for trying this uniquly Japanese 'fast-food'! [Alex April 2009]
Ramen Toyoshina Kimagurehachibei
¥ 271-14 Toyoshina Minamihotaka 0263-73-0408
X 11:30-14:00 (Weekend & Holiday:15:00) 17:30-20:30 Wed
For those in the know, there is simply one choice when it comes to going out for ramen (soup-based noodles) in Toysohina, and that is Kimagurehachibei's, near the Toyoshina IC. Although the spartan interior suggests a far-from-promising gastronomic experience, the queues that frequently line the outside of the restaurant are a strong reminder that looks can be deceiving.. The ramen served in Kimagurehachibei's is made from freshly-made noodles, which are served in a variety of broths that give the ramen its distinctive flavour. Be sure to try the Tonkotsu ramen, the house special that is made with a deliciously rich stock made from slow-cooked pork bones. A word of warning however - those unfamiliar with reading Japanese may struggle with the hand-painted kanji menu, so be sure to ask for the staff's recommendations ('osusume wa...?) or better still, bring a Japanese friend to help you out! [Alex April 2009]


Specialties Area Name Prices Address Phone
C/Card Hours Closed
World Beers &
Fresh Food
Toyoshina Hello's Bar ¥ (Food) - ¥¥¥ (Drinks) 4319 Toyoshina (Azumi Bldg 1F) 0263-72-8602
X 18:00-00:30 Wed, 1st Thurs
Although Japan produces a great variety of refreshing beers, those looking for something a bit more 'continental' would be hard-pushed to do better than paying Hello's Bar in Toyoshina a little visit. Beers from around the world are served in authentic glassware in this cosy bar, and (it should be warned) come at a reassuring premium.. However, Hiroshi San (the ever-friendly proprietor of the bar) offers a reasonably-priced range of homemade food throughout the evening, as well as delicious soba-noodles at lunchtime. Whether looking for a quiet drink in comfortable surroundings, or a place to whet the palette before a big night on the town, be sure to say 'hello' to Hello's Bar while you are in town! [Alex April 2009]


Specialties Area Name Prices Address Phone
C/Card Hours Closed
Italian Hotaka Stagione
¥¥ 5280-4 Hotaka Ariake 0263-83-7464
X Lunch: 11:30-13:30LO / Dinner: 18:00-19:30LO (reservation required) Mon, 2nd and 4th Tues
Stagione is located in a good place in the Hotaka area and you can see authentic rural Japanese scenery and a wonderful view of the Japan Alps from its wide window. It is listed as the second best Italian restaurant in the Zagat Survey in Nagano (published 2009 March in Japanese). As Zagat reported, the restaurant is very neat (perhaps too “neat” for a place to eat), the dishes and desserts are tasty and stylish like the photo, and it’s not so expensive. [Andy April 2009]