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2017☆A Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

2017A bright new year has started.
We can see a beautiful mountains with snow.


Our information center is open from today!
Thank you very much for holidays.
We are looking forward to seeing you again this year!
May the year of 2017 bring you
a lot of happiness and smiles :-D


 8-) We have a map~ 8-) in English so come and visit us.
Azumino tourist information center is located
in front of Hotaka station on the JR Oito Line.
Opening time 9:00-17:00


Holiday Closing Notice!

The year-end getting closer.
We will take yearend holidays from Dec.29-Jan.3.

It was very nice to meet many people
from many countries in 2016.
Thank you for your visiting!

Please take care of your hearth and have a great new year
We wish you Good Luck for the next year !

Azumino Tourist Information Center.

Merry Christmas from Azumino!

Hello! How have you been?
Time flies so fast here comes this year’s Christmas!
The real winter season has come to Azumino.

Have you already seen the illumination
at Azumino National Government park?
Today and tomorrow, free shuttle bus runs
between Toyoshina Sta. (JR Oito Line) and the park.
(on 24th and 25th)
Time 16:00pm⇔21:15pm
Why don’t you come to see beautiful illumination
with your family, friends or lover?

We decorated Christmas tree
at Azumino tourist information center (in front of Hotaka Sta.) as well!

 Christmastree2016 01

We wish you a Merry Christmas ;-)


Come to visit “KAMI-AKARI”

It’s a bright and sunny day!
We can see beautiful views of the snow covered mountains in Azumino.


Now, “KAMI-AKARI”, a winter annual event,
is held at Hotaka shrine by tomorrow.

Date…Dec 3rd, 4th
Venue…Hotaka shrine
Access…JR Oito Line/Hotaka Sta. about 5min on foot
*Please note – In case of rain or snow, the event is to be cancelled.


Lightning 8000 bamboo candles is very fantastic!
Why don’t you join and enjoy the gentle lights of bamboo candles.
We’re preparing something hot to drink and to eat.
Please dress warmly and come visit!


He is getting ready for tonight “KAMI-AKARI” as well ;-) 

Heartful Illumination

Good evening!
It’s a chilly day today but the air is crisp and clear!

11th Winter illumination at Azuminonosato will start from December 3rd.

Access…JR Oito Line/Hakuyacho Sta.about 2km from the station


Azuminonosato is illuminated with 150,000 lights
by volunteeres!
This year is the 11th time and a “New Start” forward.
Opening event will be held on December 3rd.
Please dress warmly and
come visit!



8000 bamboo candles in 2016

It snowed for the first time last Thursday in here.
The temperature goes down below zero in these days.
On a sunny day, you can see beautiful mountains
covered with snow in clear sky!

By the way…
Next weekend “KAMI-AKARI”, a winter annual event,
will be held this year again!

Date…Dec 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Venue…Hotaka shrine
Access…JR Oito Line/Hotaka Sta. about 5min on foot
*Please note*
In case of rain or snow, the event is to be cancelled.



Lightning 8000 bamboo candles is very fantastic!
Why don’t you join lightning the candles
bringing a lighter with you?

Please dress warmly and have a romantic night
at Hotaka shrine ;-) 


Twin Illumination

Good evening!
It’s getting colder these days in here.
Winter is coming quietly.
Azumino illumination event starts from November 19th
at Alps Azumino National Government Park.
This year’s theme is “The four seasons”.
The park is illuminated with 700,000 lights.

Many events such as concert and fireworks will be held during the period.
Please dress warmly and come to enjoy it!

illumination@あづみの公園 illumination@あづみの公園02

Date…Nov19th(Sat) :arrow: Jan9th(Mon)
Venue… Alps Azumino National Government Park
Time…16:00-21:00 *The last admission is 20:30

*Free shuttle bus runs
between Toyoshina Sta. (JR Oito Line) and the park.

  Service is provided only on weekends!
  (Nov19,20,23 /Dec10,11,17,18,23,24,25)
  Time 16:00⇔21:15

Japanese Web page

Thank you! Azumino Tour Bus

Hello.We would like to inform about Azumino Tour Bus.
Bus service in 2016 has finished on November 6th.
Thank you for using Azumino Tour Bus.
In this year, many foreigners ride Azumino Tour Bus.
Next year’s bus service is planning to start from late April.
We are looking forward to seeing you again next spring ;-) 


The 4th Shin Soba and Thanksgiving Festival!

New Crop Azumino Soba Festival will be held on November 5th and 6th from 10am to 4pm at Hotaka Shrine!  
Let’s eat new crop soba with fresh Wasabi!
Not only Soba, you can enjoy local vegetable, fruits and dishes as well.

【Must eat!】
➀Selected soba restaurants in Azumino is coming.
    You can taste different kind of soba which is original handmade!
➁ “Azumino Donburi” is a bowl of rice topped with many local products.
    Please hurry as the number quantity of that Donburi is limited!
➂You can buy many local special products such as wasabi, rice, vegetable and apple!
➃You can try new sweets which is made of local vegetable.
    This year’s vegetable is sweet potato!

Various kinds of performance is going to be played at this festival!

It’s very crowded here during this festival so please make your plan with  plenty of time.
Please come and enjoy!
Event site :arrow: Hotaka shrine
Walk 5min. from Hotaka station(JR Oito Line)

Please check the website.

Foot Hot Spring

Hello! There is a Foot Hot Spring which is 4.3 kilometers

from Hotaka Station (JR Oito Line). It’s free of charge!


That bathwater is not so hot but if you take your time bathing

in the hot spring, you can feel get warm gradually.

This hot spring is the perfect place to go and relax after a long hike or cycling!


It’s interesting that there is a monument of eight giant man’s faces

in the middle of the hot spring!

Who on earth is that man?! A hero or a guardian deity!?


You can also soak in a hot spring for the whole body

at neighboring Shakunage-so and Azumino Kenko-kan.

For your information,Shakunage-so is scheduled to be redeveloped

with new hot spring facilities on October 3,this year!



*Access (Nakabusa Hot Springs Bus is convenient to get to the foot hot spring.)   

:arrow: Bus stop   Hotaka Sta.➡Shakunage-so

Nakabusa Hot Springs Bus is running everyday on Septemer & October !

You can buy the ticket on the bus.

Fares :arrow: Single Use Ticket to Shakunage-so (For an adult)/500yen

We have a map in English at Azumino Information Center

in front of Hotaka Sta. Come to visit us !

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