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  • Non-Smoking: Yes
  • English Speaking Staff: No
  • Western-Style Tables/Seating: Yes
  • Wheelchair Access: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Service: Yes
  • Vegetarian Menu: No
  • Credit Card Accepted: No
  • Parking Area: No

Kamijo 上條

Soba noodles prepared using stone-milled, Shinshu grown, buckwheat flour, and Azumino spring water. Natural water is also used at each stage of the cooking process including boiling, rinsing, and soup making. Diners can enjoy both traditional buckwheat noodles, and creative soba dishes. Our ‘Shibori Soba’ is prepared using miso and Japanese radish juice. It contains no animal products, making it ideal for vegetarians.


Chilled Plain Soba¥800 
Soba with Radish Juice¥1,000
Tsukeuma Soba¥1,200
Hotpot with Dipping Soba¥1,400
(only available from November to mid-April) * Tax not included
13 min on foot from Hotaka Sta.
Hours11:00 - 15:00
Address5256-1 Hotaka
Phone0263-82-4411 (Japanese)