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  • Non-Smoking: Yes
  • English Speaking Staff: No
  • Western-Style Tables/Seating: Yes
  • Wheelchair Access: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Service: No
  • Vegetarian Menu: No
  • Credit Card Accepted: No
  • Parking Area: No

Unagi Daikokuya うなぎ 大黒屋

Established 180 years ago. Enjoy the delicious aroma and harmonious flavors of unagi (broiled eel) with our long established, traditional sauce. The sauce is characterized by its deep flavor, attributed to a family recipe that has been carefully passed down over 6 generations.


Broiled Eel on Rice in a Lacquer Box¥3,300
Chopped Eel and Assorted Toppings on Rice¥3,700
Various other eel dishesfrom ¥1,000
Banquet Dinnerfrom ¥4,000
7 min on foot from Toyoshina Sta.
Hours11:30 - 14:00 / 17:30~21:00
Address4313 Toyoshina