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5 2016/11/19 Enjoyed visiting Azumino
Just last month I had the chance to visit Azumino as part of a monitored focus group. I enjoyed the tour a lot, the hospitality, the Soba House, the Daio Wasabi Farm and of course the incredible mountain panoramas. You can find a report about the trip here:

I am sure I come again one day.


4 2015/9/15 Hello Whitney,
C. McC 

I visited Nagano many years ago and remember the wasabi farm, sushi train restaurant, Matsumoto! Your pics are lovely and made remember my short visit. I have friends in Azumino. But I've lost contact with them. Is there a directory of some sort that I might find them?

Note of webmaster: Hi,
Whitney left Japan and now lives in US.
We don't have a directory. If you tell me full names of your friends, we might try to find them.
- Akira

3 2010/9/7 Aloha!
Recently, I saw the TV program "Ii Tabi Yume Kibun" featuring actress, Iwashita Shima in Azumino. Beautiful place! Hope to visit there someday.

Note of webmaster: Hello,HNL girl-san. A big surprize to see your mail from Hawaii. Nagano visitors almost have an image of cool and comfortable areas to spend but this year's abnormal weather caused summer heat up to 38C/82F reach except mountain areas. But but but morning and evening are so nice to feel cool wind. This is a big difference from urban cities. From now on it's time to enjoy wandering in changing color-leaves around our Azumino city. Hope to see you soon... thank you. uchikawa

2 2009/9/21 Jōkyō Uprising!
Self-appointed publicist for the Jōkyō Uprising 
Hi, Azumino friends!
I was really excited to come across your site. The pictures posted on the site are beautiful. (Are they professionally taken?) Your descriptions on Azumino are concise and to the point. Keep up the great work.
May I make a suggestion? It\'s about the history of Azumino. More than three hundred years ago the Jōkyō Uprising happened in your area. Locals know about the incident and are proud of what Tada Kasuke and his followers did. There is a shrine and a memorial museum commemorating the uprising. Alas! They are the least visited spots in Azumino. For one thing, locals don\'t realize that the legacy of the uprising represents a universal idea; respect for human rights. And for another, locals are too shy to publicize the potential tourist spots.
Please read the Wikipedia articles about Tada Kasuke and the Jōkyō Uprising. Thank you very much.

Note of webmaster: THANK you for joining in our web site. We are so happy to know you are very interesting in the historical spot mentioned in your letter. Jyo Kyo gimin memorial museum located in Misato area, Azumino. set up study- plan some times so far, taking a walk around with leader's talk for the school children about Tada Kasuke, there visitors can enjoy seeing the stereoscopic-vision of Kasuke-story all the time. Currently then hold the seminor to study the historical documents. We hope many have interest and participate them. In our tourist office the publication slips of the museum are displayed. We do our best to publicize the proud visiting spots to the visitors. As for your question English web site are made by the professional and many heartful volunteers of Japanese and foreigners , photos and news too. Thank you again and see you.

1 2009/4/16 Hallo
Hallo Friends!
Azumino is beautiful land!
Greetings from a far Poland!

Note of webmaster: Hi Daniel, we are so happy to read your mail, which means you could see our English homepage. We are now working to make our page more and more rich and vivid for giving information about Azumino City.
We hope you will visit Azumino in the near future. Big thanks to our first post writer!

Hello Daniel! How wonderful that you found an interest in Azumino!
-Whitney Conti (Azumino, Nagano ken)