? Trekking the Panorama Ginza Trail  ?


Today, we will introduce an amazing video

about trekking.

Azumino is the gateway to the Northern Japan Alps.

The Panorama Ginza Trail is a very popular

and recommended course for hikers.

In this video, the guide will take you a 4days traverse trip.


Trekking the Panorama Ginza Trail

Trek with us as we follow the Panorama Ginza hiking trail in Japan's famous Kita Alps mountain range! Fiery autumn leaf colors, rare mountain birds and jaw-dropping ridge views are some of the highlights of this multi-day trek which scales four mountain peaks. Read the full article for tips on multi-day hikes and staying at mountain huts in Japan. http://www.outdoorjapanadventures.com/magazine/feature/trekking-panorama-ginza-trail

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