Sankuro(Dontoyaki) 三九郎(どんと焼)

Big campfire called “Sankuro 三九郎” is a yearly festival and
burned on around “Little New Year 小正月”  Jan 14th to 16th.
“Sankuro” fire tower is built with last year Dharmas and New Year decorations
and so on.

People pray for safety of a family and perfect health over the year.
Skewered “Mayudama まゆ玉” (rice dumpling) will be barbequed in the fire traditionally.In addition to it, sausages and marshmallows too these days ?

Hotaka Shrine “Sankuro”
Date  Jan 14th
Time  1:00p.m.
Location  Hotaka Shrine
Access  Walk 5minutes from Hotaka Sta. JR Oito line

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