In response to the novel coronavirus.

The Azumino Tourism Association wishes visitors to observe the following.

①Wear a mask when entering the office.
②Disinfect your hands using rubbing alcohol.
③Be cooperative in getting your temperature.
④Keep an enough distance from others.
⑤A person who has symptoms of fever, cough and others, is not allowed to enter the office.
⑥Observe the rules which are set up by each tourist facility.


The measures which are taken at the Azumino Tourist Information Center when serving visitors.

①The staff here always wear masks, face-shields and others.
②The staff here always wash hands, gargle and take alcohol disinfection.
③Regular ventilation is carried out.
④A plastic curtain for preventing drop infection is set up at the counter, and the staff here serve visitors keeping an enough distance.
⑤When the office is crowded with visitors, we might ask you to wait for entering.

In order to protect your precious lives and prevent the spread of infection, we would like to have your understanding and corporation.

August 17, 2020 Miscellaneous