Information about SAKURA April 21th, 2019

SAKURA in Azumino is at their best now !!!!
The cherry blossoms are blooming here and there.

 Jitensha Hiroba



🌸Hotaka Shrine   In full bloom

🌸Cherry blossoms by Hotaka river     In full bloom

🌸Jitensha Hiroba(Irrigation canal)     In full bloom

🌸Mt.Hikarujo    Begin to bloom until the halfway of the mountain

🌸Kurosawa river    In full bloom

🌸Weeping cherry tree of Tokoji     In full bloom

🌸Daio Wasabi Farm     In full bloom   (Some cherry blossoms are starting to fall)

🌸Weeping cherry tree in Ogura (Misato district)      Three-quarter in bloom

🌸 Weeping cherry tree in Tatai (Misato district)     In full bloom

🌸Ariakeyama Shrine    The beginning of blooming


By Hotaka river


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April 21, 2019 Miscellaneous