Radiation Levels Are Low in Azumino and Nagano Area

The number of overseas travellers to all over Japan decreased dramatically after the 3.11 earthquake hit the Tohoku area. Especially people involved in the tourism industry really hope things will recover.
Azumino is 300km far from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
Matsumoto, a neighboring town of Azumino, made an Information on Radiation” page. Nagano Prefecture announces reports in Announcements on the top page.
Azumino City Office measured radioiodine and radioactive cesium in all five water supply resouces in Azumino on April 22 and no such radioactive substances were found.
We really appreciate that many people all over world have made monetary contributions to a relief fund. But we still need your support by visiting Japan!
The right photo is a clean river and water mill in Daiõ Wasabi Farm I visited this month.
As for the Wasabi Farm, see also this blog in JAPANiCAN.com.

June 11, 2011 Miscellaneous

One comment on “Radiation Levels Are Low in Azumino and Nagano Area

  1. That doesn’t make sense to me. If it were that dangerous to ploepe three feet away it would be much worse for her.Theoretically if someone swallowed something extremely radioactive, and if it emitted intense gamma rays (which are like powerful X-rays) they could travel through her body into someone else. Alpha- and beta-radiation are particles instead of photons, so they are not going to be able to get through a person’s body unless the beta radiation level is so high its instantly deadly.So, radiation doesn’t travel like bacteria, but the effects of the radioactive substances can theoretically affect ploepe around the person.But, again, this makes no sense to me, since it would make the iodine significantly dangerous to the person who took it. Added. Well, who listens to me anyway? It turns out that this IS a standard recommendation. Iodine will concentrate in the thyroid which is presumably where the cancer was. And so others should stay a bit away from the neck.Although, I still don’t see how it can be THAT bad, but, I would take the doctors word over some guy on Yahoo Answers with a blimp for an icon.