Obisha Matsuri (Shinto ritual)

March 17 Hotaka Shrine

This exciting Shinto ritual started 500 years ago. Twelve Shinto priests shoot twelve arrows to a target to predict whether this year will reap a rich harvest or not by their hitting ratio. Visitors can take broken parts of the …

Soshunfu Matsuri (memorial concert)

April 29 Hotaka River

Local chorus groups sing spring season songs by the Hotaka River. The second concert by other performers is held at the Azumino Concert Hall located near the monument. Admission is free.

Ayame Matsuri (Iris Festival)

Mid- to late June Ryumonbuchi Park and Ayame Park (Akashina)

Akashina area has three rivers running through it. Located by the rivers, Ryumonbuchi Park and Ayame Park are famous for over five million irises of 150 varieties. The Iris Festival is held from mid- to late June when the irises …

Azumino Wasabi Matsuri “Yosakoi”

The first Sunday of August Main street, JR Hotaka Station

Over 1,400 enthusiastic participants from 50 groups perform an exciting dance parade called “Yosakoi” on the main street to JR Hotaka Station.

Azumino Fireworks Show

August 14 (Aug. 16th in case of rain) Bank of Saigawa River near Akashina Station

This is the second biggest fireworks show in Nagano.

Ofune Matsuri (wooden boat parade)

September 26 and 27 Hotaka Shrine

People in each block of the Hotaka area decorate their own handmade craft boats with vivid traditional kimono dolls representing folktales from early history. They start pulling the wooden boats around noon and come back to Hotaka Shrine by 2 …