Hotaka Shrine

Japanese name: Hotaka Jinja (穂高神社)

Hotaka Shrine is a wonderful place to get a sense of Azumino and even greater Japanese culture. Shrines are scattered throughout Japan, but Hotaka shrine is unique for its adjacent historical museum and founding sense of Azumino. Hotaka-no-mikoto, the tutelary deity of the region and Japan Alps, is worshipped here as well as in Kamikochi and at the summit of Mt. Oku-Hotaka. Also, if you haven’t been to a shrine or many, Hotaka Shrine is gorgeous, surrounded by old trees, and even famed for its special energy power concentrations.

Ofune Matsuri (famous craft boats parade) is held in September and Obisha Matsuri is held in March at Hotaka Shrine.

Temple/Shrine/Historical spot Hotaka Sta. Area
By train: 3 min. walk from the JR Hotaka Station (30 min-ride from Matsumoto)
By car: 10 min. from Azumino Interchange
6079 Hotaka