Toyoshina Museum of Modern Art

Japanese name: Toyoshina Kindai Bijutsukan (豊科近代美術館)

The Toyoshina Museum of Modern Art is the largest museum of the Azumino Art Line and showcases an impressive collection of sculptures and paintings, as well playing host to a number of temporary exhibits throughout the year.

Amongst the museum’s main attractions are the works of Hiroatsu Takata and Yoshihei Miya, two of Japan’s most prominent artists throughout the 20th century. Takata’s primary focus was sculpture, with a particular emphasis on bronze work figures, of which the museum has over a hundred pieces. There, visitors can see the considerable breadth of Takata’s career – a career that saw such luminaries as Mahatma Gandhi, Jean Cocteau and Romaine Rolland pose for this gifted sculptor. Miya’s works are no less impressive, consisting of oil-canvasses that incorporate elements from a remarkable life that saw the artist face the horrors of WWII, the fast transformation of post-war Japan and a pilgrimage inspired by his Christian beliefs.

As well as viewing the considerable collections mentioned above, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful flower garden in the museum grounds that is maintained throughout the year. A museum shop and tearoom are also available, where a variety of delicious cakes are freshly made each day.

Museum Toyoshina Area
10 minute walk from JR Toyoshina Station
5 minute drive from the Azumino Interchange
5609-3 Toyoshina
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Day after a holiday